This page was written first time in 2008 (http://info.comoj.com), then it was updated in December 2010 (http://www.AgainstServants.co.cc) but the both domains and content are abolished by authorities and domain/hosting co.cc and 000webhost. Enemies of society are trying to keep us under control. They shut down information. In 2013, after Wikileaks and Snowden, we got some new information about dimensions of NSA spying, that's the reason to update this site.

This site gives you information about people who exploit society, who work against society, about people who are servants of exploiters, and exploiters themselves. They want to expand their market and wealth, therefore they attack other countries, therefore they spy us, imprison us, beat us, sell us dirty drugs, poison our food, etc. Global capitalism brings global wars for resources and they make repression against every individual who is against them and their plan. From police database about protesters to killing their enemies. All mentioned people here are not ordinary people than those who participate in expanding of market for exploiters, it means they create wars and its propaganda, repression and racism which is also integral component of war for resources. Consequently, repression is done at biggest percentage against leftist revolutionaries and immigrants and Muslims. They are mostly arrested and spied, it means also infiltrated by secret service and spied by NSA globally.

This site is publishing pictures and addresses of mentioned servants because they are not faceless representatives of the state and exploiters than people with exact names and addresses. The same they do when they send us in the prison, we have name and address and we are not faceless representatives of some protest. The solely purpose of this site is to gather and publish info about them, the same as they do against us (for example, there are public databases of criminals). Will someone use it to make any type of action, it is his/her/their choice. But people should be careful, exploiters and their servants are usually protected by private guard or by police and secret service. For example, homes of politicians are observed from nearby houses by secret service. The best attack is when people make suddenly protest in front of the house of politicians and then the crowd can make attack so cops can't catch who attacked house or person. But crowd must run away fast the same as they came fast, without any announcement.

Detailed Explanation

In order to understand problem, it is necessary to explain wider political situation.

History of Europe is full of colonialism from which profited first of all riches and politicians and other people had indirect benefits because colonialism financed all those who got money from budget (military, bureaucracy, etc). European ruling class attacked West Africa because of resources, Africa has a lot of diamonds, gold and energy resources (oil and gas). They also exploited humans and they sold Africans to USA as slaves. They had even lunatic "justification": We bring them culture. Even such lunatic explanation kept west Europeans under control, but most people were poor and busy with personal surviving, after WWII, people could organize much better as they did around 1968. But even economic exploitation was not enough for exploiters and politicians, they also imposed their way of thinking, their culture in occupied regions. It is not only fascism about language and culture, they were spreading hegemony of capitalism: capitalist system of values. But whatever they said, the fact is that they brought death and slavery to Africa. Even today European countries, especially Britain and France, are present in Africa with military and many corporations continue to exploit Africans and their resources (Shell is true evil in Nigeria). Therefore they have interest to develop there local conflicts in order to justify their military presence. Shortly said, in the past, European rulers had direct interest from exploitation, today African countries became more or less independent from western military presence and exploitation is today more in hands of corporations. It means that profit from exploitation goes in pockets or riches and only some money through taxes finish in budgets of West European countries. Capitalism is poor without colonialism, they must rob others to make capitalism alive. The state is simply expensive. Because of this neoliberal changes, financing wars from budget but profit from war get private companies and not budget, in last 20 years European economy is worse than before 40 years. Ordinary people can feel it. There are more and more billionaires and more and more poor ordinary people. Governments know that and therefore they make bigger spying and bigger repression. Beside it, more and more European riches transfer their factories to Asia so more and more Europeans stay without jobs (such situation develop poverty but also and economic racism, mostly produced by fascist political parties). It means that Europe logically renew their politics of attacking others, with aim to rob their energy resources. Politicians produce profit for corporations, they don't care if people become poorer, they will make bigger repression and even they will not be government (than somebody else) when people begin to protest. Politicians count they will be ruling 4 or 8 years and after that they will make private companies for themselves as Tony Blair did.

As we know, before several years, USA started to attack Arab countries. Reason is clear to anyone who understand little politics: energy resources. They try to justify such imperialism with nice words "imposing of democracy", "fight for global security", etc. Who believes them? Nobody, even not those who work for secret service, but they get some privileges because they are spies so they don't care what is the real reason. The fact is that they started to produce insecurity with attacking oil countries. Muslims make reaction on American/EU action. Muslim protect themselves from aggressors, invaders, therefore if anybody mention Muslim terrorism, don't forget to tell him it is reaction on western terrorism (killing civilians, even during weddings, Wikileaks published info about it many times). Unfortunately, European rulers (not ordinary people) want part of energy cake and therefore Europe stands together with USA in their robberies. Therefore it is hard to get real information about war, the both sides, USA and Europe report what is their interest. Don't forget that your picture about people in Afghanistan is picture of CNN and BBC, what you really know about them? Do you know that rich people cut water or take cows from peasants and authorities protect riches from poor, then poor peasants go to Taliban and they come with weapons, investigate what is the truth, beat rich man and give to the poor what was stolen from them. Oh shit, CNN didn't tell you such stories. Now you know why people like Taliban and hate Karzai. It is just one example, there are also people that want to fight against American invaders, they don't have with whom else to fight than together with Taliban, Karzai and official army sold themselves for money. Imagine yourself in WWII in Italy, if you are not communist but partisans fight against fascists, you will fight together with partisans. In any case, media are in hands of governments or in hands of riches, repressive forces also do everything to suppress those who are not under control. There are many examples of unbelievable sentencing against Muslims in Europe but I will always remember when I read that Muslim girl is judged 6 months of prison in Britain just because she wrote a song. Other are judged also just because of visiting of some internet forum, etc, without any proof that they did or planned anything against the law. Servants (judges, cops, etc) punish people even just for reading of information from "other side". The fact is that Muslims make big resistance and therefore rulers make big propaganda against them. Politicians, media, etc, spread fear and hate against Muslims. Therefore racism is so strong in Europe, and among other foreigners who are not welcomed, Muslims are the most targeted. Therefore any discrimination of Muslims and their religion, in the time of war, is part of war and of imperialist propaganda against them. After creating of such propaganda, repressive forces can arrest any Muslim, with charge for planning of murder BUT without any proof. Majority of society don't see anything bad about it, they don't react, that's result of propaganda. Of course such arresting is followed by reports in Media (such reports are ordered by secret service), what makes again fake fear and bigger hate = racism. The same like in Africa in the past, today stealing of oil is not enough, USA and Europe want to occupy oil countries without to see resistance, they want to change way of thinking of people there, to change their culture and religion... I hope they will never succeed in all of it. Fascism abolish diversity in this world, and that's evil. Unfortunately, they created already totalitarianism in Europe and America.

So, there are individuals, servants of riches, with name and address, they are not some faceless representatives of the state. The state was created by slave holders to protect themselves from other conquerors and to exploit society easier, but beside it, they created the state to make faceless sentencing of people. So, yes, first prisons were private ones but then, when they created state and its prisons, nobody could put finger on one evil rich man who keep people locked, than judge sends people in the prison "in the name of society" and prison is now belonging to the state. Rich people institutionalized punishment, so, people could not hate them, rebel against them, etc. Therefore this website also gives faces to those who serve exploiters, their profit, their wars, their racism, their propaganda. An example of people with high position in society, who always jumped to publish something against Muslims and their religion: T√łger Seidenfaden (chef redactor of "Politiken"), Kurt Westergaard (one of 12 racist artists, servants of imperialists), Swedish artist Lars Vilks and editor of newspaper Nerikes Allehanda Ulf Johansson. Do you really think they are not connected with secret service and they don't participate in war propaganda? Kurt Westergaard is even friend with Pia Kjersgaard, former leader of fascist Danish People Party. He visited congress of her party and showed that he is not an independent artist.

Now it is much clearer wider sense of problem with caricatures, problem with racism, etc. I mentioned here discrimination because of resistance to aggressors, so it is propaganda connected with war. Beside colonial racism, there is also racism in Europe which is based on economic reasons. European economic racism hit all poor foreigners and racism is not created with aim to stop immigrants than with aim to wake up colonial history (Polish are discriminated in Germany and Germany attacked Poland in the past, many Germans can't accept that Polish should be equal with Germans) and with aim to justify economic exploitation of immigrants. If you think deeply, you will see that racism produce hate and then immigrants are unprotected from economic exploitation, it means even if slavery is abolished on the paper, it is not abolished in reality. Even when strawberry workers from Asia protest in Sweden because they didn't get salary several months, police doesn't care to help them with talk with exploiter, cops don't care to arrest exploiter, exploiter is Swedish, so, everything is clear, workers will protest until visa expires and they will have to go back to Asia or they will be imprisoned and deported, Swedish exploiter will keep profit for himself. Poor workers don't have money to pay lawyers and as I said, they will be deported before court process begin if they make charge against him. That's the sense of racism, economic exploitation, slavery, visa system is also part of it. Visa system is also the main reason women finish like prostitutes, they can't come normally to Europe so they must trust to criminals to bring them to Europe and they misuse it to make money from women. Forced prostitution is slavery, the frame for slavery is created by politicians, criminals just use such situation.

So, where are ordinary Europeans in all this shit that happens? Is it possible that 1968 was more progressive than the present future? Children of hippies are careerists who kiss in ass government instead to protest as they parents did? Well, people must survive and create personal life while government is always organized. Therefore people loose fight during the time. They go home and they stop to protest before or later and government is not going anywhere, riches and their servants are organized all the time. So, government was not passive, they developed nationalism and patriotism, today, children of hippies are consumers without brain, many even work for secret service with aim to get money and career. They love government as long as they get some privileges and profit. Therefore they support government about anything, they don't care for details. They participate in justifying of racism, of war, of anything what their authorities do. Many of them discriminate Muslims and foreigners in daily life and many of them are ready to cooperate with authorities in realizing of repression. As I mentioned earlier, some of them even get idea of revolutions but they help to secret service to keep revolutionaries under control, to stop any violent action against exploiters and their servants. As long as people stay pacifist, exploiters and their servants are happy (and arrogant, honestly said).
There are also people who are not under control of authorities and such people are fighting against war, against racism, etc. Some of them do it passively, periodically, some of them are active often (active are mostly leftists, human right activists and anarchists). In any case, they are not enough strong to stop governments. But it is without question moral obligation of people with consciousness to stand up against war, against arrests, against racism, against repression, against slavery...
In which way people will stand up against it, it is personal choice. People are different, some of them will demonstrate, some of them will make personal attacks, some of them will burn public institutions as many immigrants did in France, Denmark and Sweden...

If people demonstrated so much before 40 years against war in Vietnam, why they should not do it today when imperialists attack energy countries? Are they Muslims, Vietnamese or Africans, it doesn't matter, human beings are human beings. In the heart of imperialism, people should fight against imperialists: politicians, top military and police personal, corporations and riches that profit from war. Ordinary people can be even private racists for themselves, that's their right to have their opinion, but when some of them became public racists (as mentioned editors of newspapers or artists) then they are danger for public, in this case for foreigners and Muslims. Therefore it is legitimate to stop racists, to disable them to continue their acts. We must fight for different and better Europe, for better future (hope it will be one day anarchist Europe). Rebellion started in France (November 2006), it was happened in March 2007 and Feb.2008 in Denmark, it is present constantly in Greece and it should be repeated and spread in other countries... Those who can't wait for rebellions and revolutions, they can make their own attacks on property and people that exploit us. Only diversity of actions and strategies are proof that we are not under control.